Jan Kominek, Zofia Siudak, Jan Pała, 1945


Translation services Polish and Latin into English:

I offer a professional translation of any family records written in Polish or Latin (birth, marriage and death certificates, wills, letters, diaries, you name it – I have worked on it before). I am aware of a research value of any possible piece of information that can be extracted from the source.  Your document has more meaning to me than just dates and names. I can see beyond that and provide you with a snapshot of your ancestors everyday life based on the source you give me. (It is probably a habit I developed over the years of training as an archaeologist; very useful for a family historian).

Translation services Russian into English:

If your family comes from the part of Poland that was under a Russian rule most of your source texts dated between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century are probably written in Russian. Let me see them and I will work my magic on them.

Transcription Services:

I offer a transcription of your source documents as they usually come handwritten and hard to decipher. I spent long hours admiring lovely handwritings and even longer hours working like Sherlock Holmes unveiling secrets hidden by some long gone priests. You can rest assured that I am not afraid of a challenge, and you will get your document nicely typed up.


I can handle your correspondence with any relevant office in Poland. I grew up in Poland; I know how to be patient and how to deal with Polish clerks.

Get in contact with me and I will try and accommodate all your research needs.

From a files of the Polish - English genealogy translator - Jan Kominek, Zofia Siudak and Jan Pała, 1945

Jan Kominek, Zofia Siudak and Jan Pała, 1945

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